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Subject: Do This, And You’ll Be Well On Your Way To Unstoppable Manifestation…


Hey {firstnamefix},

I’m sure that you’re aware that when it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, not everything works.

In fact, you may not believe it but...

Everything you’ve read or heard about the law of attraction so far is PLAIN wrong.

Most of the gurus and false “manifestation” prophets only want to SELL you outdated and misguided information that will keep you frustrated, anxious and unable to manifest

what your heart desires right now.

But, what if I told you that there’s a QUICK and most importantly, EFFECTIVE technique to finally open the floodgates of abundance, love and health?

Well, luckily for you, there IS.

And it’s SO simple, that you’ll laugh.

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Talk soon,



Subject: Important: How To Destroy Energy Blocks


Hey {firstnamefix},

We are infinite energy.

Our thoughts, views, impressions... and even our whole body and mind is a powerful field of unending energy that creates and destroys.

And the thing is, you don’t even realize that such a HUGE energy flow is transmuting and “circulating” around you and inside you.

It goes into you and flows out of you too.

Now, there’s POSITIVE energy, and then there’s NEGATIVE energy.

The first one creates, while the latter destroys.

When your thoughts are negative, like “I can’t do it” or “I don’t deserve this or that”...

you’re giving form to a negative energy block.

That block is preventing YOU from sending the positive messages that the universe likes to hear, and thus, your wishes are being blocked.

The secret is that as soon as a negative thought pops into your mind, you detect it and immediately replace it with a positive one.

For example:

“Forget about it, I won’t make it”, should be replaced by “Of course I can do it, there’s no reason why I can’t.”

In this way, you’re instantly destroying your inner obstacles, and sending the RIGHT message to the universe.

It will take you some time to get accustomed to identifying and replacing negative thoughts, but after a few weeks of doing this, you’ll get conditioned to sending the right message and will manifest easily.

Remember, the universe and the law of attraction hate negative thoughts!

In this FREE video my good friend Jenny Brown reveals more secrets like this...


Talk soon!

Your friend,



Subject: Your Problems Aren’t As Important As You Think


Hey {firstnamefix},

I know, you’re thinking now:

“How on earth are my problems not important? They’re the reason I'm unhappy and unable to manifest the things that I want!”

Well, that kind of thinking is exactly what’s stopping YOU from achieving your goals, realizing your deepest dreams and finally tapping into the source of abundance that the universe is waiting to send your way.

Don’t give your current problems more importance than they deserve because if you do, you’ll be feeding them and making them even bigger...

They’ll acquire more depth and meaning and they’ll also grow in size, making YOU more miserable.

I know that right now, you might be experiencing problems that have a negative impact your life and seem to be HUGE.

But don’t commit the mistake of making them even bigger.

Try to condition your mind to seeing them as little, temporal setbacks that sooner or later will be “out of the way” and will be gone forever.

If you do this, your mind will minimize the impact of each and every one of your problems, and eventually they won’t carry as much weight.

Because if you give them undue importance they’ll consume mental resources that should be freely available in order to make a positive connection with the universe…

...The connection that makes the law of attraction work.

Seriously, you should try to do what I say... and in record time you’ll see how you’ll start to feel better and more “in synch” with the unlimited energy field of the universe.

More on this in this 100% FREE VIDEO presentation:


Talk soon!

Your friend,



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Title: Manifesting Through The Power of Synopsis

For some people Synopsis or thought process is something they have tried and swear by its positive contributions. 

The manifestation is apparent through the mental and physical realms and is very convincing to the individual convinced or its merits.

This can be a very effective tool in training the mind to focus only on what the desired outcome should be in any given scenario and then concentrate on working towards effectively achieving that said preconceived idea. 

This can be easily achieved if the individual is able to engage all his or her mind and body faculties to work as one energetically.

Making a choice to success at something is further cemented with the manifestation of that end picture to work towards. 

Manifestations can effectively keep the individual centered and completely fixed on the end idea desired, thus ensuring distractions in any form don’t cause the individual to lose this focus. 

Manifestations are a conscious choice made by an individual and this tool can be explored to its optimum to ensure the product of the manifestation is achievable.

The manifestation exercise can help the individual pursuing a business venture to believe in its success and thus create the positive energy that will contribute to its eventual achievement. 

Beliefs are just the thought process that is being constantly played out in the individual’s mind. 

Therefore positive manifestations will effectively equal positive beliefs which in turn will produce the desired positive results, so use this method properly.


Title: Use Your Sleep Time For Manifesting Your Dreams

Being able to tap into all areas available to optimize your manifestation results is something that everyone wants to be able to do. Therefore tapping into the sleep time to harness the positive elements it may manifest is just another avenue to explore. 

To fully understand and tap into the rather unknown area one must first understand the basics behind the sleep time manifesting idea.

The human mind is at work all the time, whether a person is awake or asleep. In sleep the subconscious mind will provide the necessary assistance to the organs of the body to continue functioning effectively. 

When it come to the mind, most will find it difficult to quiet the mind in waking hours though if one is able to accomplish this feat there is a lot of positive value that can be derived from it. 

The focus strengths of the mind are capable of this phenomena and this is what is going to benefit anyone who can channel this strength into physical demands in the business arena. 

Being able to connect with higher thoughts and strengths is almost impossible in the day when the mind is so busy balancing different parts of its attention seeking platforms. 

However during the sleep time sessions the mind is able to help the individual seeking answers and directions through communication with the higher inner self. 

The inner self is focused only on the purity of helping with the best of intentions thus the relaxation mode can sufficiently provide for this pure state of mind. Naturally processing the matters that one is seeking some answers to, will be better done during this time rather than stressing about it in the waking hours.

Allowing the body to relax and letting the mind search for the inner peace will eventually create the answers to questions most pressing.

Use this effectively.


Subject: How To Properly Connect The Universe For Manifestation Success

Being energized, is probably the single most helpful phase to be constantly in, to ensure there is always some part of the individual that is tuned to opportunities available. 

Being able to be in the right place at the right time will definitely be a beneficial platform to work from but as that is not always possible the next best solution would be the connection to the surroundings that should be optimized.

For most people the energy that is derived from being centered and connected to the universe is something they have grown accustomed to practicing and experiencing. A lot of them will attest to the endless amount of energy that can be tapped into if the individual is open to the idea of connecting to the universe.

As most business endeavors move at a very fast and demanding pace, the need to stay energized will sometimes be a position of contention thus causing the individual to have to seek other means of staying energized. 

Some of these maybe quite costly and cumbersome to practice, therefore connecting to the energy available from the surrounding or the universe can help to make the quest easier and less stressful. 

There are several techniques available today to help those interested to tap into the realm of connecting with the universe. It would be beneficial for the individual to find one that is most useful and easy to follow and then practice harnessing this energy as a daily routine. 

Using the energy from the connection to the universe one should also strive to be the best in the chosen area and this can be done with guidance and perseverance. 

Working with some level of purpose and being sure that one in contributing positively to society at large will make the connection to the universe even more meaningful.



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